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Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Perfect Combination

It is my personal opinion that God smiled down on the Earth the day that some genius decided to put chocolate and peanut butter together.


It must be the saltiness of the peanut butter mixed with the sweetness of the chocolate--it somehow creates a symphony in my mouth. My taste buds rejoice!

Yesterday, my daughter, Evelyn, and I were invited to go to a scrapbooking get together that's taking place this afternoon. I do not have the patience nor the motivation to scrapbook, but I'm a huge fan of hanging out with other adults (other SAHMs know what I'm talking about).  To me, a get together is a perfect excuse to bake something delicious.

Last night the baby decided to stay up late (which she's been doing a lot of lately), so I didn't have the alone time necessary to bake up something from scratch. So, I made these instead:

That's right!
Q: What's better than regular fudge brownies?
A: DOUBLE fudge brownies!

I know what you're thinking...why was this chick jabbering on and on about chocolate and peanut butter when all she made were lousy brownies out of the box?

Oh ye of little faith...
Q: What's better than double fudge brownies?
A:  How about double fudge brownies with bits of Reese's peanut butter cups in them?!??!?!?


Of course, I simply HAD to taste test them fresh from the oven last night. They were fabulous. All I did was simply use the recipe on the back of the box, cut up the peanut butter cups like they were mini pizzas, and them shoved them into the batter. I only cooked it for 33min (as opposed to the 35min the box suggested) and VOILA!

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